Zoom + LoyaltyMatch =

A Match That Rewards Your Audience

Reward Your Zoom Audience for Attending Your Virtual Events

As the world has changed, there’s no doubt that your audience has too. That means you need to get to know your fans again and you’ll want reward their loyalty to you and your venue. What’s the easiest way to do it? Reward your fans when they register for, attend and participate during and after your events. You’ll be able to see virtual event patterns that could help you predict the preferences of those fans. You’ll make fully-informed decisions that will generate more registrations, attendees and engagement. That means more revenue now, when you need it the most.

Zoom For All

Not matter how big or small your virtual event, LoyaltyMatch for Zoom can help increase your events audiences while rewarding them for interactions such as social media and chat engagement throughout the event. You can enhance even deeper data discovery when implementing a loyalty rewards program built on our software and integrated with Zoom. LoyaltyMatch for Zoom uses predictive analytics to refine your thinking and guide your decision-making. Better data analysis will help you predict future needs. That means a better experience for fans and better bottom line for venues.

How Do We Help You Reward Your Zoom Audience?

Offer Points. For registering, attending, screen sharing and commenting via chat or social media

Seamless and Simple. Easy for you to host and for anyone to join. Attendees won’t have to download a thing.

Increase Audience Participation. Before, during and after the event.

Through our intuitive cloud-based loyalty management and analytics platform, we makes it easy for companies and brands to increase customer loyalty and engagement.

For companies of all sizes, we offer the fastest and most cost-effective path to the development and delivery of a rewards program that will help you generate fan loyalty and revenue. With LoyaltyMatch you can easily manage and view details about all of your loyal fans and customers in one place, then use that data to better understand them and even predict their behavior. The result is better informed decisions that improve business.

"The LoyaltyMatch team had quite a challenge because of the many elements that we wanted woven into the system, starting with ticketing and going through the entire concert experience, including social media and point of sale transactions for both food and beverage and merchandise. The result speaks for itself. LoyaltyMatch definitely stepped up.", Donna Westmoreland, chief operating officer of the 9:30 Club and its parent company I.M.P.

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