Rewarding Your Loyal E-Commerce Customers Is Simple With LoyaltyMatch

You’re all set on a Shopify or WooCommerce platform and business is good, but you want to take it beyond good to great. How do you make it great simply, quickly and cost-effectively?

Loyalty Rewards for All – Data For You

Seamlessly integrating your e-commerce platform with our cloud-based loyalty rewards platform so you can reward your loyal customers will enhance your marketing program and make your business better. Collecting data that they provide through that loyalty program will lead to you knowing your customers better. Knowing them better can lead to increased revenue.

With a loyalty rewards program powered by LoyaltyMatch software you’ll be able collect and analyze the data that you need to have a complete picture of your e-commerce customers. You’ll see patterns in their purchases that could help you predict their preferences. Then you’ll be able to make fully informed decisions that will generate more revenue for the products.

You can generate even deeper data discovery when implementing a loyalty rewards program built on our software, which uses predictive analytics to refine your thinking and guide your decision-making. Better data analysis that can help you predict future needs means a better customer experience and a better bottom line for your business.

How Do We Help?

We help you understand your customers better.

We cost-effectively integrate your e-commerce platform with a loyalty program.

We provide you with tools that will help you increase revenue.

LoyaltyMatch makes it easy to increase customer loyalty and engagement across social, web, mobile, and instore, through our intuitive cloud-based loyalty management and analytics platform.

We offer the fastest and most cost-effective path to the development and delivery of a rewards program that will help you generate customer loyalty and revenue. With LoyaltyMatch you can easily manage and view details about your customers in one place, then use that data to better understand them and even predict their behavior. The result is better informed decisions that will improve business.

"Since the relaunch of Club Clarins in 2012, the program has continuously evolved with new features to make the Guests and Clarins user experiences more seamless. LoyaltyMatch has been by our side & responsive to our needs with ideas & functionalities all along."
Sarah Angelmar, Executive Director, Customer Experience, Clarins USA

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